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                                             Corrupt Congressman takes $$$$ from French Corporation 
Congressman Paul Kanjorski
2188 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Mr. Kanjorski:
The Securities and Exchange Commission recently admitted that they do not have an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York and its successors for any time in the last 10 years. They also lied to me about the destruction of documents that I have requested under Freedom of Information. Attached is the letter to Chairman Cox. As a licensed insurance and securities agent I have had all the information contained on the web sites reviewed by both state and government agencies. They did review the information and made no requests for correction.
              The SEC knowingly allowed MONY to be taken Public with fraudulent financial statements.... lied to policyholders, destroyed evidence and violated FOI laws to hide their crime. The PONZI policies are still in force and
and the PONZI is ongoing and MONY/AXA's financial statements are false!
My elected officials ( Joe Barton, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gramm, John Cornyn, Gov. Rick Perry, AG Alberto Gonzales and former Texas Gov. George W. Bush) were unable to help due to person and financial conflicts. 
Can you help resolve this matter? I have the information and documentation on the web sites listed in the letter to Chairman Cox. The www.Gonzalesag.com site has the most complete history of MONY.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
R. Dale Abshire
2606 Twelve Oaks Lane
Colleyville, TX 76034                       
Subject: AXA / MONY
Date: 6/13/2008 3:06:26 P.M. Central Daylight Time
To: chairmanoffice@sec.gov
CC: foia/pa@sec.gov, enforcement@sec.gov, Glenn.A.Fine@usdoj.gov, Mike.Geeslin@tdi.state.tx.us

Mr. Christopher Cox
Securities & Exchange Commission

June 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Cox:

This afternoon I once again noted the SEC reviewing the contents on my web sites that contain information about criminal conduct by various elected officials and members of the SEC with regard to AXA and MONY. It reminded me that Linda Chatman Thomsen had not bothered to respond to my October 31, 2005 FOI request (copy attached). I recently testified in a Texas court that my sites had been reviewed without objection by the Texas Department of Insurance, the USDOJ and the Securities & Exchange Commission. I ask again that the SEC comply with the FOI request and state any objections to the information contained on those sites.
My web sites are:

 http://www.SPITZERAG.com/    http://www.MONYINTERNATIONAL.com/

 http://www.MONYBUSH.com/   http://www.MONYSUCKS.com/   http://www.TAMUEX.com/ 


If upon review the SEC determines that any of the content of the sites is incorrect I ask that you please let me know ASAP so that I can make the proper corrections. If I do not hear from you I will assume that you are in full agreement with the content. Your help with the FOI will be greatly appreciated.


R. Dale Abshire
2606 TWelve Oaks Lane
Colleyville, TX 76034


Subj: Attention Linda Thomsen ..... Fraud Report / FOI
Date: 10/31/2005

Linda Chatman Thomsen
Director, Division of Enforcement
US Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Ms. Thomsen:

I have noted your promotion of Walter Ricciardi as "Deputy Director of the Division of Enforcement" for the SEC and wanted to verify with you that he in fact is the same Walter Ricciardi that I have featured on the http://www.PWCSUCKS.com/ web site. Mr. Ricciardi is directly responsible for your inability to produce or cause to be produced an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York and its successors for over 20 years. Mr. Ricciardi belongs in jail for his part in this ongoing cabal.

Under Freedom of Information I request that you provide me with an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for the above referenced company, commonly referred to as MONY, for anytime in the last 10 years that the SEC will stand by. I also request that you provide me with any and all communications between the Securities and Exchange Commission and PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. that relate to the lack of independence by PWC with regard to MONY's financial statements along with communications to and from MONY and AXA.

I also request the information previously requested in the letter enclosed, (Under Freedom of Information I request the names of the 14 companies that were not named in the PWC action by the SEC listed below. ("In the Matter of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities LLC, Exchange Act Release No. 46216 (July 17, 2002) http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2002-105.htm").

I am also attaching a copy of a recent letter to Senator Bill Nelson relating to his part in the perpetrating of this fraud on the public. This is a fraud that was condoned and aided by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or clarifications of the requested information. You may also find it easier to simply tell the truth about this matter that has gone on far too long.


R. Dale Abshire
3308 Pin Oak Lane
Bedford, TX 76021

Walter Ricciardi worked in the general counsel's office at accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand from 1984 until he became the litigation practice group leader in the general counsel's office when Coopers & Lybrand merged with Pricewaterhouse in 1998. In 2004, the SEC named Walter the head of its Boston office, which has jurisdiction over six states and has been involved in many of the investigations and cases brought against mutual fund companies.

Mr. Ricciardi was deeply involved in the criminal conspiracy to hide MONY's fraudulent financial statements and the looting of the company while at PWC and Coopers & Lybrand. He was fully aware that PricewaterhouseCoopers used the fraudulent statements to take MONY public in 1998 and that PWC was still not independent when they aided in the sale of MONY to AXA for less than book value. He is a common thug that now prosecutes other thugs for crimes less than his own!
Subj: control number 39718
Date: 98-04-06 14:40:29 EDT
From: RAbshire
To: Carol_Frasier@TDI.STATE.TX.US
CC: walter.ricciardi@us.coopers.com

Dear Ms. Frasier,

I have now received the information pursuant to my Open Records request for the "complete investigative file of MONY." Included in the file is a copy of my November 15, 1995, "consumer complaint" to Mr.Bomer that he did not bother to answer. The file also contained a sworn affidavit signed by Ms. Alexis Daniels regarding the officer's "home theaters and stereo systems" along with other sworn affidavits by actuaries and CPA's that raise serious questions about the financial statements of the company. There was also a copy of the last audit of the company, which revealed $600,000,000 in illegal transactions.

The TDI contended that the 1994 financial statements of the company filed in Texas were correct and that I should rely on the "unqualified opinions" of Coopers & Lybrand. The financial statements revealed a "CONFLICT" by Coopers & Lybrand (the Anthony Crane transaction ) and failed to disclose $687,000 paid to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's, husband's law firm. The Florida Department of Insurance found a $150,000,000 problem with the real estate on the 1994 statement. The $5,000,000 per acre "Hobo Condo" property was not involved nor was it included in the sale to Governor Bush's associates. As a matter of fact, this $113 /sq.ft. property is about the only real estate owned by the company that hasn't been written down on the 96 and 97 financial statements. Considering the strong rise in real estate values in 96 and 97, it leaves little doubt as to the correctness of the prior valuations of the properties.

This is to confirm that Mr. Bomer and the Texas Department of Insurance took no action with regard to this consumer complaint. If you have any evidence to the contrary, you should fax it to 817 267-5055 immediately. If I have not received satisfactory proof by April 9, 1998, I will assume that you are in agreement with the
above statement. Further comment is forthcoming.


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Letter to Andrew Brown re: TDI documents

Subj: MONY/Paula Anderson
Date: 9/21/99
To: Jeep48Brn@aol.com
CC: Florence.Shapiro@senate.state.tx.us
CC: jose_montemayor@tdi.state.tx.us, heyld@sec.gov
CC: paula_anderson@tdi.state.tx.us

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Mr. Andrew P. Brown
3117 Brookhollow Drive
Dallas, Tx 75234-6434

Dear Mr. Brown:

The MONY financial statements that Senator Shapiro provided to you contained an opinion letter by PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. that falsely claimed that they were "independent"! They are not in compliance with Article 1.15A of the Texas Insurance Code relative to independence (see attached letter from the Arizona Department of Insurance). They also issued unqualified opinions on the 1989, 90 and 91 financial statements that contained hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal transactions according to the 1992 audit by the New York, Oklahoma, Georgia and Nevada Departments of Insurance. You should not rely on the financial information contained in these statements! According to CPA reports in the TDI Fraud Unit files you should not rely on any of the statements after about 1982. From 1983 through 1990 is when MONY's former assistant general counsel was the Superintendent of the New York Department of Insurance.

With regard to Ms. Paula Anderson's comments regarding the responsibility of the New York Department of Insurance to conduct examinations of the company, I am attaching a copy of a suspected fraud report that I made to the Indiana Department of Insurance (after members of the Texas Department of Insurance refused to respond to correspondence) that might help you understand where your child's money went. I hope that you don't object to my having used your policy as an example.

If you need more information or I can answer any of your questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 817 267-2020.


R. Dale Abshire
4316 Pembrooke Pkwy N.
Colleyville, Texas 76034



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